File Recovery Mac

What is file recovery mac?

fiel recovery mac
A File Recovery Mac including two concepts:

1. The process of recovering lost files, photos, videos etc. which are deleted from trash bin or formatted after restoring or damaged by viruses and more from Mac OS X. Usually it includes Mac OS X desktops, Macbooks and common Mac based portable or storage devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, external hard drive, Digital Camera, Memory Card, SD Card, USB drive, Flash drive, pen drive, audio recorder and more.

2. A tool for recovering lost files from Mac. Usually a file recovery Mac tool can recover all kinds of lost files for most versions and modes of Mac, Macbook and Mac based portable or storage devices. There are a few famous file recovery Mac tools on network such as Wondershare Data recovery for Mac, Liveboot boot cd, Data recovery for iTunes Mac etc. But most of them are shareware that will tell you if and how many lost files can be found for free. But if you want to recover them, you need pay 20 to 40 dollars.

What kinds of lost files will a file recovery Mac apply?

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recover lost files1. Recover Deleted Files from Trash Bin

“I have deleted my office folder from my Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2. They are very important files. I need use them in my conference tomorrow. Can I recover deleted files from trash bin? It’s very urgent.” – From Peter, Australia

We usually meet the same problem: we didn’t realize some important files were deleted by ourselves only when they need be used in minutes. It is terrible. We have to find some way which will help us retrieve deleted files soon. But how?

2. Recover Damaged Files Destroyed by Viruses

“My computer was attacked by viruses. Now, all my photos and videos have gone. They are very beautiful photos and my favorite videos. I don’t want to lose them.” – From New York, Bob

Viruses are not friendly to our computers. They damaged system files, registry or even Bios and lead to a disaster. You can’t find lost photos anymore. We are thought to have lost them forever.

3. Recover Formatted Files after Restoring

“I formatted my Mac and forgot to save my data on the previous drive. Unfortunately, it is a big deal to me – all data regards my family’s privacy and I can’t let them leak out! Who can help me?“ – Landon, Williams

Recover formatted files from Mac, is it possible? It seems unbelievable. There are no folder, no file after formatting. It seems impossible to retrieve the formatted files.

Yes, all above situations are common to everyone of us. We might lose files, photos, videos, folders, documents etc. from Mac, SD card, memory card, digital camera, pen drive, external hard drive, iPhone, iPad anytime. In fact, there are millions of files lost because of such kind of reasons around you. How to recover lost files from Mac? Is there any file recovery Mac solution? Any free Mac file recovery tool?

Can I recover lost files on Mac? Is it easy or not?

The answer of the first questions is “sure”. And the answer of the second question is “easy or not”.  When files are lost from your Mac, they are inaccessible to us. But it doesn’t mean the files have gone permanently. In fact, they are still on your Mac. Only if the lost files are not been overwritten, they mostly are able to be restored. Is file recovery Mac easy to achieve? “Easy or not easy.” It depends on the method. Different methods will lead to opposite results.

mac file recoveryBefore doing a file recovery Mac, keep two things in mind:

First, if lost files are overwritten by new files, the chance of recovering them is reduced. So, stop writing (or storing) more files to your Mac before a file recovery on Mac.

Second, do file recovery for Mac as soon as possible. The later the file recovery is made, the more difficult the files can be recovered.

I don’t know what is the best Mac file recovery method on the world. As a general Mac user like you, I only care what is effective for my issue. To me, the proper method is recovering lost files with a file recovery mac utility. Without such a utility, my files must go forever. That is true. A proper Mac file recovery tool is one that can recover deleted files, formatted folders and partitions, recover photos and videos etc. without any loss for me. Either it is free or not. In my opinion, if a tool deserves its price, I don’t hesitate to pay for its value.

Is there any free file recovery for Mac tool?

I haven’t heard of it before. Maybe you can find some freeware on network. Maybe you will not. It depends on the providers. But if the lost files, photos, videos are very important or urgent, what if it charges several dollars? In fact, I don’t suggest freeware at all. No pain, no gain.

Recommended File Recovery Mac Tools:

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac:

data recovery for mac

As an ordinary Mac user of more than ten years, a file recovery Mac is necessary in my daily life. So a stable and good file recovery Mac tool is very important to me. I can’t remember when and where I got my first tool. It might happened on a forum or Facebook or somewhere else. It doesn’ matter at all. According to my experience, I’d like to recommend Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac as it is very helpful. With it I can retrieve most of my lost files including photos, documents, videos, emails and more either they are deleted by myself or formatted after restoring Mac.

Wondershare Data Recovery for iTunes:

data recovery for iTunes

I received a news letter from them which told me that their Data Recovery for iTunes has just released. It seems exciting since it can help get back not only all videos and photos from iPhone or iPad but also contacts, SMS, calendars, note and call records. Great news, isn’t it?